About Paplus International

Paplus is a team of developers and designers who create mobile games and applications. There is absolutely no boundary for us as we are focused on constant development.

Our principles


The diversity of skills allows us to create products without any external support. We appreciate every employee who uses their knowledge and experience to facilitate the work of the entire team.


Every person of our team is a specialist in a given field. We support each other and use our skills to make better products for our users. Due to skillful management we develop and strengthen our position but, at the same time, we do not forget about continuous progress.


We become a better team every day. We gain new abilities, competences and knowledge. Personal development in our company is an endless process that we support and pay special attention to.

Join us

Why is it join us?

We support professional development of all our employees and care for comfortable conditions at work.

We value professionalism, initiative in undertaking actions and willingness to improve one's skills.

We support

We believe that good practices of a responsible business are created by good people who are not indifferent to the needs of others. Therefore, Paplus International provides care and support to the Children's Home in Lodz at Druzynowa Street. We hope 46. that our help will enable proper development of the kids, who did not have a good start to life.
children's house


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